Wilko’s Case Study

Wilko uses DC Payments ATMs to enhance customer experience


The relationship we have with our client has grown from relatively small beginnings. Continuously exploring ways to make the customer shopping experience as convenient as possible, installing ATMs seemed like a natural fit. However, floor space in a retail environment is precious, and our client needed to prove that using it for a cash machine had a positive outcome on figures.

Free to use ATMs were trialled in just a few stores. Within a short period of time, they had demonstrated that not only were they welcomed by customers, but using the floor space more than paid for itself in increased customer spend. As a result, DC Payments now operate over 400 ATMs to all stores nationwide.

Solutions: new marketing opportunities

A DC Payments ATM is far more than just a cash dispenser. Working closely with our clients marketing team, we are devising strategies that utilize the units to promote the brand, build footfall, help sell product, and encourage increased spend. A number of innovative initiatives are planned to maximise the sales and marketing potential of the ATMs including;

  • Point of Sale

    Incorporating display messaging and logos so that ATMs become impactful POS units.

  • On-screen advertising

    Customer interaction with the ATM presents a great opportunity to display on-screen messages that can be tailored to promote seasonal deals and special offers. Centrally controlled, these messages can be regionalised if required.

  • Voucher dispenser

    Our ATMs can also be used to print bar codes on receipts making them a highly effective sales promotion tool. ATM receipts can double-up as vouchers to give customers access to exclusive in-store offers.


Partnering with DC Payments enables Wilko to give their customers even more good reasons to shop with them. As well as being proven to increase bottom line performance, the interactivity of the units means they can also function as effective marketing assets.