Nisa Local’s Case Study

Free to Use ATM provides ultimate convenience

When we decided to have an ATM in store, we looked around for our best option and DC Payments was the clear favourite. We get on very well with our representative, and since installing the cash machine, we've seen a significant increase in customers coming through our doors.

Inderjit Singh
Partner, Nisa Local convenience store, Erdington, Birmingham
Business Sector: Retail / Convenience Store

Woman standing in grocery store


From the outset, Inderjit and Tejinder were focused on providing their customers with the highest level of service and in-store facilities. After their shop had been trading for less than a year, they decided to explore the possibility of installing a cash machine for the convenience of customers, and to help encourage traffic to the store.

A number of retailers in the area already had cash machines installed and were charging a fee to use them, but Inderjit and Tejinder wanted to offer their customers a free to use ATM.

The solution

The two business partners researched the marketplace and discussed options with numerous suppliers, before deciding that DC Payments offered the best solution - based on cost and service. DC Payments confirmed that as the primary objective was to increase footfall, a free to use ATM was the best solution. The free-standing cash machine is self-fill, so cash received in store is used to keep the machine stocked. This helps reduce banking charges. DC Payments takes full responsibility for regularly servicing and proactively maintaining the cash machine, so performance is optimised 24/7.


Although the installation is still recent, the key objective of increasing footfall has been achieved as customers are attracted by the opportunity to access their cash free of charge. As awareness of the facility grows, traffic is likely to continue to increase along with in-store spend. In addition to these benefits, the business is saving money on banking charges by using the ATM to recycle cash taken over the counter.