Financial Institutions & Credit Unions

Freedom to grow

DC Payments helps a number of financial institutions throughout the UK implement, manage, and maintain their ATM solutions. We know that our clients are looking for reliable and exceptional work performance that will allow them to enhance the customer experience, and optimise costs. By partnering with DC Payments, clients can actively focus on their core business.

The challenge

The cost of expanding an existing ATM fleet can be cost prohibitive, and many financial institutions are outsourcing this service to leading independent ATM providers such as DC Payments. By partnering with us, financial institutions can provide a seamless, consistent ATM service to their customers - both visually and functionally - without compromising cardholder security.

ATM service models

DC Payments offers a fully outsourced white label service model to financial institutions. This unrivalled service includes installation and long term management of ATM hardware, enabling financial institutions to effectively grow their existing ATM network. Additionally, our flexible software platform allows for easy upgrades and future changes.

Flexible agreements

Flexible agreements allow our partners to increase the number of Through the Wall ATMs in their network - without the burden of having to buy, install, and operate additional ATMs.

Replace and expand your network

We can replace and/or expand an existing ATM network - in a cost effective way - while providing ongoing support and superior project management. This frees our clients up to concentrate on their core business, while we take care the ATM channel.

Trusted provider

DC Payments is the trusted provider for some of the UK's most well-known financial institutions. We offer a comprehensive menu of quality products and services, backed by a customer service team that is second to none.

DC Payments has sound experience working with financial institutions, including the Islamic Bank of Britain, Punjab National Bank and Santander.